Why Brainhack?


For me, "brainhack" is the result of creative process - changing the audience perception of what you are saying. Going all the way from NO to YES.

Brainhacking, as another word for persuasion, happens fast and without conscious perception of the audience. Thus we have just a few seconds to do it.

My purpose here is to teach you not to waste that precious moment.

Brainhacking involves changing your own view of the world, too. Our brains are wired to habits and routines. We have to leave the usual comfort zone of our daily lives to understand and master the new possibilities.

This is my brainhacking concept.

I've started my professional carrier in communication as a journalist - working in local business press, national radio & studying the discipline at Vilnius university. I've finished my master degree on the eve of global dot-com bubble collapse with the master thesis "Lithuanian concept of digital economy". Even today you can read it as a manual on how digital business paradigm is working.

In 1998 I've founded a dedicated all things dot-com & digital tech news portal ebiz.lt that later became the empirical base for the same master thesis. VC was scarce back then in Lithuania, even I could say - non existent. Me, as an idealistic media startup founder, was fighting for good 4 years - trying to raise capital to expand the venture.

To be continued... sorry, lots of stuff to do, will tell the rest of the story later :)

To be continued... sorry, have to run for my client.